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Buying property at auction

Buying property at auction

You don’t need to be an experienced investor to buy property at an auction, and depending upon the type of auction, our timescales allow you to pay with a mortgage. You will have 28 or 56 days to complete.

Here are some of the great reasons why you should buy a property at auction with CCL via I Am Sold.

Fixed date to buy and move, with times frames to benefit both the buyer and the seller.

Our exchange and completion timeframes allow you to buy with a mortgage, allowing you time to organise your finances.

Bid online, in-branch, by phone or at a public event. You can bid by telephone or online via the I Am Sold website, making it really easy for you to take part even if you’re unable to visit us in person.

Fast, simple, and secure via a national network of over 600 branches.

If you would like to bid online, simply browse for a property on our I Am Sold website, register, and place your bid. You can also view additional documents and information about each property, check the current bids, see how long is left until the end of the auction, or add properties to your watchlist.

If your bid is successful, you’ll need to pay a reservation fee or a deposit, depending on the type of sale.  Whilst deposits are deducted against the sale price, reservation fee’s only go towards the auction costs and are not part of the payment towards the property – check what fee’s are applicable on each listing before placing a bid.

Auctions may be both online over a set period of time, or live at a specified time. Buying by auction secures the transaction, removing the fear of renegotiation. This is a safe and easy process – contact us today with your questions, or take a look at the properties available for auction.

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