Great news for Lossiemouth with announcement of new bridge

March, 2021

We have all missed it haven’t we? The glorious white sandy East Beach in Lossiemouth, Moray with stunning views across the Firth and giant sand dunes perfect for endless sprints up with fabulous slides down,  capturing those perfect picturesque instagrammable views. With ideal tides for surfing, swimming and chilling; it’s a most ideal place to spend a day out with family and friends.

Well great news as of today, the East Beach will soon be back in action with preparation and planning is very much underway with a new bridge about to be built by contractor Beaver Bridges.  Henry Beaver is the owner of Beaver Bridges and is also an Ex Gordonstoun pupil and has many fond memories of Moray, in particular its stunning beaches. They have been involved in building bridges up and down the country and were very keen to be involved in a resolution for the unsafe bridge.   

It has been confirmed that the new bridge will be built from the Esplanade - which is the original location of the very first bridge at East Beach - and will have a Fluoropolymer Coating which means that the bridge will stay water resistance for around 60 years before it will have to be retreated. This will entail a higher cost initially but overall will reduce the life expenses of the bridge for many years to come. The new accessible bridge is estimated to cost £1.8 million but it will mean that the East Beach will once again be a hot spot for tourists and families alike to enjoy the after so long without it. There is no set date for when the bridge is expected to be completed, however they do hope it will be at some point in 2022, but at least the end is in sight and the beach will be ready to be enjoyed again by everyone.

Lossiemouth, already the most photographed beach in the UK in 2020 on Instagram, it came 48th across the whole world, is an ideal holiday destination and very popular place for people to live, work and relax in this quaint fishing town. CCL Property are exceptionally busy with property requests and holiday opportunities enquiries in Lossiemouth and the surrounding area.  Lossiemouth, with the new East Beach bridge built, will continue to be a destination location for everyone to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and what Moray has to offer.


Yasmine Pickering

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