Pittendreich Mill. Own a piece of historical Scottish property!

March, 2018

Scotland is steeped in history, and at CCL Property, we are extremely proud to be a part of it. Since our inception as estate agents specialising in the sale and letting of homes and businesses throughout Scotland, we’ve seen many wonderful properties, some of which are directly connected to the rich heritage of this amazing country.

Pittendreich Mill

Pittendreich Mill is one such an example. Originally a water mill, this was built in the 1830’s and was active into the 1930’s. Much earlier, in 1469, the area was home to the Douglas of Pittendreich including James Douglas who received Pittendreich from King James III.

In 1986, the BBC launched the Domesday Project, and you can read for yourself how the disused mill was converted into an early incarnation of the home now available to buy.

You can see the original mill-stone embedded in the grass at the front of the property…

….and another within the sumptuous living room.

Of course, today the property has undergone a transformation, retaining its historical features but incorporating the latest in modern stylings and creature comforts.
Take a look at the property today and imagine what it would feel like to stand in the garden, breathing in the same air and overlooking the same stunning countryside views as the Douglas’ enjoyed all those years before!

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