Three attributes that will sell your home

July, 2014

There are hundreds of blogs, tonnes of guides and a plethora of advice claiming to tell you how to sell your home successfully. However, none of these seem to take regional preferences into consideration.

Here in Scotland, it's not a walk-in wardrobe, parking or a fancy kitchen that buyers are most ardently searching for. Let us share with you the three attributes that will sell your home:

Location, location, location

In a country as geographically diverse and beautiful as Scotland, it will come as no surprise to learn that location is a key consideration for buyers. Outdoor activities are a huge part of Scottish life so if your idyllic location is in close proximity to forest trails, a fish-abundant river or a championship golf course, shout about it.

While big city life has its draws, many people are searching for that perfect, quiet countryside situation. Make sure you know who your target market is and highlight the attractions of your location as appropriate. Mention if it's a tight-knit community in a small hamlet or if it's in blissful, remote seclusion. That said, it's always good to include information pertaining to major road and rail links, too.

What you get for your money

It seems crazy that within a three mile radius of London, you would need to spend millions of pounds in order just to buy a four bedroom terraced town house. Yet north of the border, just a fraction of that - nearer £300k - could buy you an incredible five bedroom detached farmhouse with stunning views and acres of land. There's really no comparison; you can get so much more.

As such, it's crucial that you demonstrate what amazing value for money your property really is. All buyers want to get the very most for their hard-earned pounds, so ensure that every last detail is captured - especially in the photographs your agent takes. Emphasise the sheer amount of space they could own, talk about any extra buildings that are included and mention the private access. Make it clear that buyers are getting a considerable amount for their money.

Outdoor space

As mentioned above, the Scottish proclivity for outdoor pursuits plus the need to get the ultimate value for money both manifest in a desire for a decent amount of outdoor space when choosing a home. Whether it's one acre in which the children can play football or ten acres in which the horses will trot, a private garden is extremely important to many people.

For your outdoor space to both attract buyers and add value to your home, it's important to keep the space - no matter how vast - tidy and welcoming. No one is going to be impressed with an overgrown wilderness through which they've have to hack simply to reach the washing line. Present your outdoor spaces as 'usable' - put out some garden furniture, landscape the lawn, clear pathways and plant some pretty shrubs. Essentially, make it a space in which people will want to spend time, no matter the activity.

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