Top five office spaces in Scotland

July, 2014

With all eyes firmly fixated on the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, it's high time the world recognised Scotland not just as a location for sporting events but also as a business powerhouse in Britain and all over the world. A wide array of firms - from small start-ups to multinational corporations - have bases in Scotland due to the vast amount of office space available.

Bustling financial districts and growing businesses are having a major impact in Scotland's major cities; here are five spaces business owners might like to consider if they want to enjoy the same levels of success:


The International Financial Services District (IFSD) represents one of Glasgow's biggest ventures and, as a result, it is a prime place for businesses looking to expand their operations. However, there are no official boundaries within the city to define the IFSD, but the area - known locally as the Wall Street on Clyde - lies to the western edge of the city centre.

Businesses relocating to the area will be rubbing shoulders with Direct Line, JPMorgan Chase, Abbey, HBOS, BNP Paribas, the Student Loans Company and many more.


As the powerhouse of the Scottish economy, Edinburgh - the country's capital city - has to be on the radar of expanding businesses looking for office space. Edinburgh boasts the second largest financial centre in the United Kingdom and the fourth in Europe by equity assets, making it a significant city for business.

Edinburgh Park, situated to the west of the city near the airport, is also one of the largest business parks in the UK while the Exchange business district, west of the centre, also houses some major employers - Scottish Windows and Standard Life to name but a few.


As one of eight 'super cities' spearheading the UK's economy - not my words but the words of HSBC - it makes sense for businesses to consider Aberdeen on their office space list. In addition, the city was named the best placed city for growth in Britain in 2011 - need any more convincing?

With the second highest employment rate of UK cities, there's certainly no shortage of hard-working employees that could make your business a successful venture. In terms of area, the ABZ Business Park near the airport boasts 54 acres of commercial land and could be ideal for business looking to base their operations in the region.


For a digital and creative business hub, Dundee ticks all the right boxes. Seabraes, a former railway goods yard turned thriving business zone in the city, hosts more than 350 businesses in the sector and can accommodate any sized businesses - from start-ups to established brands.

One innovative office space in the city is District 10, an office development built from recycled shipping containers. It could be ideal for early-stage firms looking for a home in one of Scotland's major cities.

West Lothian

Strategically located between Edinburgh and Glasgow, the area of West Lothian could be ideal for businesses looking to stay close to the country's biggest cities but without paying the premium prices demanded by such prime city centre real estate.

Over the last thirty years, West Lothian's economy has grown from a manufacturing base to a region exhibiting strong growth in service sectors. With 60 per cent of Scotland's population within a one-hour travel time of the region, West Lothian could offer the perfect office space option for many businesses.

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